Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Tom and I went into the camp looking for Lindsey. She was nowhere to be found and that scared me tremendously. We started searching for her in the bedrooms, but to no success.

"Where could she be?" I asked Tom.

"Do you think she could be in the bathroom?" he suggested.

"We might as well check."

We walked over to the bathroom hoping that we would find her there. I opened the door and poked my head inside. There she was lying on the floor. It looked like she had just thrown up. This was just going to be a lovely trip back to Mom and Dad's. I wish she would just go back to Chicago.

"Babe, do you want to grab some bags while I carry her out?"

"Yeah, that would be great. Thanks boo." I said giving Tom a kiss.

I went out to the kitchen and grabbed a few paper bags. While grabbing the bags I ran into Ronnie.

"Hey Zoey, I'll see you tomorrow at work. I hope everything goes well tonight." Ronnie said giving me a hug.

"Thanks doll. I hope you and Taylor have a great night as well."

Tom walked out holding a passed out Lindsey in his arms. I went head of him so that I could open the door. Tom sat down on the porch swing with her while I walked to the car to bring it to the front of the camp. I quickly pulled the car out front. I put it in park and opened the back door. Tom carefully placed Lindsey into the backseat so that she wouldn't wake up. He quietly shut the door and opened the passenger's door. I called up Mom and Dad and let them know that we were on our way. Thankfully they lived about ten minutes away.

"Thanks for carrying her out here babe."

"It's no problem, anything for my Zoey.

"Aww thanks babe. I'm so glad you're here."

"Me too. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else."

"Oh really?" I said with a smile on my face.

"Of course! I'm so lucky to have you back."

"I am as well."

"Do you work tomorrow?"

"Yep, I'm there from 9-3 with Ronnie."

"Perfect! I want to take you somewhere really nice for dinner. Maybe Taylor and Ronnie can come along."

"That's so sweet of you. I can't wait!" I said as I pulled into my parent's driveway.

"I want to make this up to you."

"Tom, you don't have to. You being here is enough for me." I said giving him a kiss.

"But I do. I went crazy this summer without you."

"Silly, don't go crazy. Crazy Lindsey is enough for me." I said laughing.

"That is true." Tom said laughing.

We got out of the car and got Lindsey out. Tom carried Lindsey into my parent's house.

"Where should we put her?"

"Umm let's just put her in her old room. She can't bother anyone there."

Tom followed me as we walked down the hallway into Lindsey's room. We carefully laid her down making sure there was a garbage can right next to the bed.

"She's definitely going to need that in an hour."

"Good, I don't want to be there for that." Tom said as we started walking out into the living room.

"Hey Mom, Lindsey's back in her room."

"Thanks guys. It's so good to see you back here, Tom." Mom said.

"It feels great to be back here." Tom said giving me a hug.

"Alright well you two enjoy the rest of your night. I'm going back to bed."

"Okay goodnight Mom."

Tom and I walked back outside and into my car.

"Do you want to go back to my place? I'm pretty sure Olivia and Jord will be at the camp."

"That sounds excellent babe." Tom said as we began kissing.

I turned on the engine of the car and we were on our way.

About twenty minutes later we were back at the apartment.

"Remember this place?" I said jokingly.

"How could I forget it?" Tom said kissing me.

We made our way into the living room as I turned some music on the stereo.

"I'm going to go get changed. Please stay..." I said.

"I'm not going anywhere! I might have to chase you though"

"Don't do that yet!" I said laughing. I went into my bedroom and changed into this:
I made my way back into the living room to find my amazing boyfriend sitting on the couch.


"Well yes, that is my name" I said laughing.

"You look beautiful."

"Thank you baby." I sat down on the couch and put my arms around Tom's neck as we began kissing. "You look incredible as well."

We then decided to get into bed and get some sleep. Tom had training in the morning and I had work.

I turned off the music as we went into my bedroom. Tom stripped down to his boxers. He looked damn good. We climbed into my bed as we laid there and cuddled. Laying there in Tom's arms felt incredible. I remembered how good that felt before.

"Goodnight babe." Tom said giving me a kiss.

"Goodnight boo."

//the next morning//

My alarm went off at 8.

"Goodmorning beautiful girlfriend."

"Goodmorning handsome boyfriend."

We both got up and starting getting ready to leave.

"Do you want me to drop you off somewhere babe?"

"Can I just go to the salon with you? Taylor can probably pick me up since we're working out this morning together."

"That sounds great."

I got changed into this:

"You look great babe!" Tom said giving me a kiss.

"Aww thanks! What do you want to eat for breakfast?"

"I know this is going to sound lame, but do you have any cereal?"

"Umm yeah why wouldn't I?" I said laughing.

" I don't know. Just wanted to make sure." he said laughing.

We sat down at the kitchen table and made ourselves some bowels of Captain Crunch.

"Are you ready to go?"

"Yep, I'm ready when you."

Tom and I made our way out to the car and off to the salon. About ten minutes later we arrived.

"Hey Ronnie!"

"Hey girl! I see Tom is here too." she said laughing.

"Oh yes. Taylor is coming by to pick him up soon. By the way, great outfit!"

Her outfit:

"Aww thanks!"

We started talking as we got the salon set up because it didn't open for half an hour.

"Babe, will you cut my hair. I think it needs it." Tom said.

"Yeah sure. How short do you want it?" I asked.

"I don't know, long enough for you to run your fingers through it." Tom said grinning.

"Alright too much information Tom!" Ronnie said giving him a push.

"You love it Ronnie!" Tom said.

"Well am I going to cut it?" I said laughing.

"Yep!" Tom said making his way to the seat.

I started cutting his hair as an unexpected person came into the salon. I couldn't believe she was here right now.


  1. AWW tom and zoey are so adorable together :) OMG I LOVED IT! <3 amazing job, I cant wait to see who came in! ooooohhhhhh definitely cant wait to read more! :)

  2. Cute update girlie :) O dear Lindsey is a mess for sure haha. Tom and Zoey are so cute together. Oh I wonder who that unexpected person is? Can't wait for more!

  3. aww this so cute....who is the unexpected person at the salon? i can't wait for more. i hope Lindsay gets better.

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