Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Three//Times Square Can't Shine as Bright as You

Tom's Point of View

I took Zoey by the hand as we walked out to the porch. Don't screw up Tom. This your last shot to make things right with the most amazing woman in the world. You'll be leaving back for Montreal soon, you can't let her slip through your fingers. We sat down close to each other on the old wooden swing.

"Zo, first I just wanted to tell you that I didn't mean to put you on the spot like this tonight. I had to talk to you, and this was the only way I knew how. I'm really sorry how about how things came about this summer. I was completely wrong about the whole Marc thing and I shouldn't have taken it out on you. I never wanted us to end, especially over a stupid war game with Marc. Do you think you could ever forgive me?"

I took Zoey's hand gently and prayed to God she could find some way to forgive me. Zoey took my other hand and looked at me with that gorgeous face.

"Thanks, boo. I really appreciate it, but I was wrong too. I should have trusted my great boyfriend instead of listening to stupid Marc. I guess what I'm trying to say is I can't always look to my cousins for advice and help, I need to look to you first and foremost. I'm sorry I didn't do that before and I want to try to fix this if that's alright with you."

"I would love too." I said pulling her face in closer to mine and kissed her. "Would you please be my girlfriend again?"

"I'll be your girlfriend again only if you'll be my boyfriend again."

"Of course I will." Oh how I loved her sass. It was incredibly sexy. We started kissing again as I pulled Zoey onto my lap. All of a sudden it got really quiet and dark.

"Tom! What the hell are you doing here and with my cousin?!" Shit, Jordan and Olivia had arrived. No wonder it had gotten quiet. I looked over to Zoey and saw she was about to bust out laughing.

"Well, lets go inside. We can talk about in there." Jordan said shaking his head. "You two were apart over half the summer, now you can't get your hands off each other!"
Zoey and Olivia looked like they were about to explode.

"I'm sorry, Jord. I just can't help it!"

Zoey and Oliva lost it. Zoey jumped off my lap and went over to Jordan.
"Happy Birthday cuz!" Zoey said giving him a hug.

"Thanks Zo, lets get inside and have a drink."
"Sounds good to me!"

Jordan unlocked the door. The door wasn't even half open and you could hear, "SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN!"
"Lets get this party started!" Jordan screamed.

I took Zoey by the hand as we walked our way into the camp. They already had the music pumping through the speakers. I grabbed a few Bud Lights out of the fridge for us as we took a seat on the couch. Before I could blink my eyes, her sister Lindsey had made her way to the couch with us.
"So what is this here?" Lindsey said.

"Tom and I are back together." Zoey said with a smile on her face.

"Well what are you going to do when this bum goes back to Montreal? Did you think about that?" Lindsey said in a snarky tone.
"Nice seeing you too, Lindsey." I said rolling my eyes. How much did she drink already?

"Lindsey, just leave us alone. We're working things out, ok?" Zoey said. "Can't you ever be happy for me?"
"Fine. I'm getting another drink." Lindsey said as she walked away heading towards the fridge. Holy hell, like she needed another drink.

"I can't believe she actually came home for Jordan's birthday." Zoey said.

"Yeah I was going to say, what happened with her never wanting to come back here."

"It's called bi-polar." Zoey said.

"Now that is very true, babe." I said giving her a kiss. "I've missed you so much."

"I've missed you too. Especially fun nights like this with you." Zoey said with a grin on her face.
"Hmm what are you implying here, Miss Staal??" I could feel a huge smile come across my face.

"Lets just say, I'll be in the bathroom and I might need some help" Zoey said getting up off the couch. She strutted her way to the bathroom. Give it a minute, give it a minute. How she shines like that, it's unreal.


  1. Awaah to cute with Zoey & Tom! Can't wait to read more :D!

  2. I love TOM and ZOEY together. so adorable! I cant wait for another update soon :)